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The cost of rental per day is from 75,000 UZS and above, and varies depending on the configuration of the suit. Costumes are NOT FOR SALE, only RENTAL!!!

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2) You can book a suit for a certain day only after making a 100% prepayment for 1 day of rental. Any form of payment.

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The suit is issued only after the deposit amount (the cost of the suit)

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If the suit was not picked up on the booked day, 100% of the prepayment made for 1 day of rental burns out and is non-refundable.

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If the suit is returned in violation of the return period, the administration has the right to collect a fine from the deposit amount in the form of the cost of 1 day of rental.

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If the suit was not returned in a proper form, with a shortage of any of the details of the suit, torn or soiled, the administration has the right to take a fine depending on the amount of damage or the cost of dry cleaning or laundry.

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If your child has a non-standard configuration, then be sure to write this in more detail when filling out the "Order Form" in the "Additional comments" section

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We do not answer phone calls in order to increase the number of order servicing. Please SEND a message to Telegram at +998 (99) 826-00-26 or leave a request on the website. You WILL DEFINITELY be contacted.


How to make an order?

To order, you need to fill in some data

Choose a suit that suits you for your event in the "Categories". Click on the costume card or go to "Make a reservation". Fill out the "Order Form". Specify the name of the costume, name, username in the Telegram, phone number, gender, age, number of costumes and an additional comment. If there is no photo of the suit you are looking for on our website, then click on the "Make a reservation" button and in the "Order Form" in the item "Name of the costume" write the name of the suit you are looking for and we will try to find you a suitable suit. Be sure to book a suit for the desired date IN ADVANCE. Closer to the New Year holidays, all the costumes are usually busy.

Delivery is carried out via Yandex Taxi

The costumes are delivered by Yandex Taxi. In order to save money, time and nerves of customers and rental, we try to organize all the work remotely. Уou can choose a suit from the website, pay us remotely the rental cost for 1 day and the deposit amount by transfer to the card (Humo). After that, we call a Yandex taxi and send you a suit at your expense at the expense of the client. After the holiday, you can also either call a Yandex taxi and return the suit to us, or come yourself and return it. The sending of the suit and the return of the suit are paid STRICTLY by the CLIENT. The rental DOES NOT INCUR any costs for the payment of deliveries. All orders on Yandex Taxi are paid by the Door-to-Door system. The location for the return of the costume is indicated on our website (229 Parkent St.) or you can write The World of Fairy tales"" in Yandex Taxi and our address will come out. The suit is returned the next day from 15:00 to 19:00, if during this period of time the suit was not returned or was returned later, the administration has the right to collect a fine from the deposit amount in the form of the cost of 1 day of rental.